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    How To Know Who Qualifies For Immigration To Canada February 9 Kerryon Johnson Jersey , 2015 | Author: Ida Dorsey | Posted in Legal During periods of political upheaval in the United States many people become so disenchanted with the system that they vow to move to Canada. The country has a reputation for being one of the best in the world for political, economic and social stability, and seems an ideal refuge from the harsher political environment directly to the south. Immigration to Canada is an exciting prospect, but the reality involves a lengthy process.

    Canada confronts unique immigration challenges. There are few migrant farm workers Frank Ragnow Jersey , and no border influx of Central and South Americans seeking a better life. The country welcomes the addition of permanent residents who can meet current standards. These include practical qualifications that are related to the amount of education completed, the number of years already worked in a specialized field, and bilingual skills.

    It is impossible for non-residents to apply for citizenship and the privileges it bestows simply by filling out a form. Applicants must be able to prove they have been living in the country for a period equaling 1095 days, or a total of three years out of the past four. Those who do qualify usually gain that status within a process called the economic stream of immigration Detroit Lions Hats , which includes both skilled employee and business branches.

    A system of point scoring is used to determine who will qualify. While the total number of points has been lowered during the past decades to allow easier entry, the best totals are normally associated with people holding advanced university degrees, with the lowest number given to those with less education. Those with lower totals who qualify do so based on the skills they have gained through experience.

    Actual experience is also important when considering applicants, and experience in management and professional roles is preferred. Skilled workers include dentists and social workers Detroit Lions T-Shirts , as well as industrial technicians and architects. He list of qualifying jobs is quite long, and is most remarkable because it does not include many occupations requiring little or no formal education.

    In the United States bilingual abilities have become associated with foreign influence, and are rejected by significant numbers of people, but Canada has two official languages. Both French and English-speaking abilities are necessary to become a permanent resident. Like work skills Detroit Lions Hoodie , applicants are rated in proficiency of their stated primary language, and must master reading, writing, speaking and comprehension in their secondary choice.

    To apply for citizenship an individual must currently be classified as a permanent resident Customized Lions Jersey , and must not be under review for serious criminal offenses or be involved in immigration fraud. Legal probation or parole status bars applicants, as does a Canadian removal order. A potential new citizen must be familiar with Canadian history, and recognize its institutions and citizenship responsibilities.

    The first step in the process toward immigration is to apply for permanent residency. This may be done on line, or using traditional methods Cheap Lions Jersey , and the information provided must be complete and accurate or face rejection. Citizenship is a possibility after living three years as a resident, but is not required. Many immigrants choose to retain dual citizenship with their original country.

    Read more about The Qualifications Necessary For Immigration To Canada.

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